Steeped in Tradition.

Great Beer, Hopped with History

At Pigeon Hill Brewing Company,
we believe in embracing our roots.

From the original Pigeon Hill to Muskegon Brewing Company, we look to Muskegon’s foundation for inspiration.
Even our taproom is an homage to those who came before us.

Pigeon Hill

The massive sand dune known as Pigeon Hill was located on Muskegon Lake, near the channel.  According to legend, the hill was over 300 feet tall; from the top, you could see Lake Michigan and all of Muskegon.  During the late 1800s, Pigeon Hill became a popular tourist attraction, bringing visitors from across the state.  Originally known as the “Bluff at Port Sherman,” Pigeon Hill received its lasting name because of the thousands of passenger pigeons that congregated near its peak in the 1800s.

In the early 1920s, Pigeon Hill was sold to a company that began the process of removing the sand for industrial purposes.   By the 1960s, Pigeon Hill had been reduced to a collection of sandy bumps.

Muskegon Brewing Company

Learn more about Muskegon Brewing Company and our adventures there.

From the 1879 Holland Business Directory:  “We have elsewhere stated that Muskegon as a community is animated with a degree of enterprise and business vim which is not only commendable, but is of so rare occurrence in these times that we regard it as a phenomenal city. In no institution is this spirit more noticeable than that of the Muskegon brewing company, for not only are each of its members thorough and indefatigable workers, but they are also in the first rank as representatives of Muskegon liberality and enterprise. Their Brewery . . . is the finest and most substantial that we have had the pleasure of inspecting in this part of the country, not excepting Milwaukee or Chicago. . . . It is to such men as comprise the Muskegon Brewing Company that a city owes its prosperity. . . .  We have drank many a foaming glass of their beer, and we shall certainly uphold it as the best in the country till we strike a new innovation.”

Western Avenue

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